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Khojati Anjan & Eye Drops


Toop Anjan

Eye Strain? Burning Eyes?

Khojati Toop ANjan is made from the purest natural ingredients based on Unani principles of medicine. The pure ghee (Toop) helps strengthen weak tissues of the eyes and fortify eyelashes.

Khojati Toop Anjan is extremely cooling and soothing to the eyes and provides relief in case of eye strain due to TV viewing, working on computer and long hours of work. It also works as an antidote to eye irritation due to pollution and dust particles.


Tri-Phalanjan - Herbal Triphala Concentrate

Is your world getting hazy?

Khojati Triphalanjan is made from pure Triphala, Honey and Castor oil; apart from a host of other vision enhancing ingredients. Triphalanjan is extremely beneficial in combating the advent of cataract, strengthening the tender eye tissues; there by reducing the squint and sharpening vision.


Neem Anjan

This distinctive herbal product helps cool, soothe and protect tired eyes. It contains pure neem extracts and honey, plus a host of other ingredients that provide a beneficial effect on the eyes. Khojati Neemanjan protects and strengthens tender eye tissues and helps clear vision.


Twinkle Herbal Eye Drops with Rose Extracts

Tender Eyes need Tender Care!

Twinkle Herbal Eye Drops are made from purest of rose extracts and selected herbs, which is even safe & gentle on your baby's tender eyes.

Twinkle eye drops instantly cools & soothes tender eye tissues, relieves chronic watery conditions, conductivities and blood clots caused by dust particles.

Sterilization without the use of gamma radiations.


Tri-wash - Herbal Triphala Eyewash with Rose Extracts

Dont just wash your eyes! . . . Tri-wash them

Tri-wash is formulated with pure triphala extracts enriched with eye soothing rose extracts. Eyes strained due to computer / TV viewing are relaxed effectively using Tri-wash

Regular use increases blood circulation around eyes which helps in diminution of dark circles.

It helps to control the increase of spectacle numbers & to set back the development of myopia. Also as per ayurveda, triphala's celestial genesis helps in prevention of cataract development.


Must be Cool - Herbal Eye Balm

A Cool Ayurvedic touch for your Eyes!

Pure colourless Kohl made exclusively from pure ghee and enriched with almond oil, cools and soothes over strained eyes due to TV viewing and computers.

Magic of Vitamin 'E'

Natural vitamin 'E' rejuvenates the tender skin around your eyes, increases blood circulation thereby reducing dark circles.

The pure cow's ghee nurtures eyelashes.